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How To Start Work In A Bar

Starting work in any industry can be daunting and the hospitality industry is no different. Working in a bar and serving alcohol can be a daunting task because it carries a lot of responsibility.

Getting your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate sorted before you apply for jobs is a good idea because employers prefer this and you know you have one less thing to worry about before you start work. Also this accreditation is mandatory no matter where in the country you plan to live and work and it can help you be more successful at your job.

If you’ve decided that hospitality is the field for you, you should remember to dream big but be prepared to start small. You may have to start sweeping up the bar or cleaning tables but you will still need to be in possession of a RSA certificate.

A reason many young people like working in a bar, pub or nightclub is because you need little or no qualifications. If you’ve completed mandatory RSA training, you can start working immediately. The party atmosphere and opportunity to socialise are also big drawcards for young people entering hospitality.

The basic qualities or character traits you should have include:

  • Friendly disposition and somewhat outgoing personality

  • Good communication skills, both speaking and listening to customers

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Flexibility including the ability to work shifts and odd hours

  • A responsible attitude and ability to enforce RSA regulations

Who Should Complete the Training?

Anyone involved in work in a licensed venue including:

  • Bartenders, waitrons, sommeliers;

  • Licensees;

  • Venue managers;

  • Promotional staff involved in alcohol promotions;

  • Volunteers, including club directors, who have liquor service responsibilities and

  • Security officers of licensed venues who have crowd control duties.

The RSA course is important because it teaches employees of licensed venues how to identify customers to whom service should be refused including those that are underage and those that are unduly intoxicated.

It also teaches servers how to prepare and serve alcoholic drinks responsibly and help patrons drink within the appropriate limits. Students also learn how to help customers who are intoxicated and affected by alcohol.

If the hospitality industry sounds like the one for you, and you are ready to complete Responsible Service of Alcohol training, the simplest way to do so if your live in QLD, WA, SA, NT or The ACT is through the online course. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we offer this online training as well as a convenient distance learning option for people in NSW.

As a leading national provider of the course, we have been trusted by thousands of previous students and companies and our expertise is conveyed to you through our exceptional customer service and the high quality course on offer.


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