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Making The Most Of A Halogen Oven

A halogen oven will take the place of your electric stove, broiler, toaster, steamer as well as the microwave oven. It might not cook foods as quickly as a microwave, but it is still much faster than your regular electric oven and as well only uses a fraction of the energy.

Did you know that a tabletop halogen oven makes a great vegetable steamer? Steaming is a wonderful way to cook vegetables and this small appliance does the job beautifully.

I bet you didnt know that you can toast bread in a halogen oven? I certainly didnt. If you dont have a lot of room for appliances in your kitchen the halogen oven is the most versatile appliance to have. Add your bread to the rack in the halogen oven and it will toast it on both sides!

Do you love baked potatoes but hate turning on your regular oven just to bake one potato? If you dont have a microwave oven then you can use a halogen oven. Besides baking a potato in a microwave oven just doesnt cut it.

I suggest you bake a bunch of potatoes in the halogen oven and then store them in the refrigerator. When you want to eat one, just pop it into the halogen oven for ten minutes or so and you have a meal by adding some cheese and maybe some bacon bits. They make a very healthy snack or lunch.

Do you love French fries but hate all the oil that is used to fry them? With a halogen oven you can have crispy fries without all the oil. This way you not only save calories but you get healthy and delicious fries as well.

What about roasted vegetables? Again, the cost of running a regular oven means that you probably dont roast vegetables very often. The halogen oven does a beautiful job. Take all your favorite vegetables, chop them up and then add them to a pan with some herbs and an olive oil and roast them in the halogen oven. They will turn out restaurant quality and your family will love to eat their vegetables.

If you love to bake but dont want to make large qualities of cakes and cookies, use the halogen oven. You can get smaller pans and make the amount you want. You can even bake bread or cornbread in one of these ovens.

A huge advantage of cooking with a halogen oven is that they dont heat up the kitchen. They dont take up a lot of room so they will fit into most small kitchens or you can take them camping, RVing or even to the weekend cottage.


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