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Mandoline Vegetable Slicer: The Ideal Kitchen Appliance

A great device that many people love to have in their kitchens is the mandoline slicer. This utensil makes cutting food items easy and perfect each time. If you want uniform cuts of your food, then this is the tool that you need to use. By sliding the food item that you want to cut along the blade, your slices will come out the same width each and every time. You can also have a variety of different cutting patterns such as crinkle cut, waffle cuts or straight cuts

How to use and handle the mandoline vegetable slicer Most mandoline slicers fold down flat so are easily stored in a drawer, on a shelf or hanging up, always make sure the safety guard is on the blade before you put it away - that's how a lot of very avoidable accidents happen. Mandolines are wickedly sharp but used with a cut resistant glove and some care they are a heck of a lot safer than trying to slice a slippery onion with a razor sharp knife. You should hence keep them in a safe place out of reach of children.

Benefits of mandoline vegetable slicer

Convenient For cutting up vegetables and cheeses in the kitchen, mandoline slicers are convenient and make the process easy as they are invaluable. Normally, there is no way you can get level thin slices of anything as fast as you can using a mandoline. From translucent crisps of sweet potatoes, through the beetroot and all the way to wafer thin cucumber, no knife ever tried on them has gotten close to the speed and, believe it or not, safety as well. Dehydrating apples take a lot of veg slicing, and the mere truth is without this it would take all day.

Diverse uses The mandolin slicer can be used with a variety of foods, such as, chocolate, nuts, cheese. Whatever it is you need the sliced the mandoline can do it. This slicer is even used by professional cooks for use making mandoline cuisine, but low enough on the cost to be used by home cooks as well.

Flexibility The main mandoline slicer blades, discs and a whisk can be kept in the built-in storage feature which keeps them handy for fast changes. You will probably find that you have a size of the bowl that best meets your needs. It comes with three different sizes: a 3-cup, 9-cup and a 16-cup bowl.

Great features This vegetable slicer offers a decent hand guard, razor-sharpness, secure storage and sound quality that is durable. All of these amazing features of the mandoline vegetable slicer come at a pocket-friendly price. Though the mandoline slicer doesn't come with any additional blades, it is the best vegetable slicer as most people don't require to make several cuts at the same time. Also, by having a small hand guard doesn't lower its efficiency but rather makes the slicer much more easy to grip. The mandoline slicer may not appear like much, but it really delivers a great deal of serious results.

Simplicity Mandoline slicer has a classically simple yet modern look which should look good in any kitchen. Its looks may be deceiving; it appears too simple to be as powerful as it is. That is one of the benefits of this veg slicer. Simplicity helps with speed. This slicer may appear to be simple, but it has the versatility that is highly needed in your kitchen.

Wide range of the slicers There is a wide variety of mandoline slicers. Depending on your budget and the type and style you are wanting, will determine what brand you buy. There are some made of plastic and some made of stainless steel. Some vegetable slicers are dishwasher safe while others are not. There is an enormous selection of these vegetable slicers to choose from.

Recipe suggestions for a mandoline slicer Potato gratin: There are numerous 'perfect' recipes for this, the ultimate potato gratin. You can opt to cook yours with cheese and eggs. Normally, it has become controversial in using four cloves of garlic. Scalded milk, as opposed to cream, is another contentious point: once a chef suggests that the correct measure is 1/2 pint (275 ml) of thick cream to 11/z lb (700 g) potatoes but that the proportion of cream may he slightly diminished as the quantity of potatoes is increased.. It is also important only to fill the dish to approximately 3 in (1.5 cm) from the top. A mandoline is the best implement for cutting the consistently wafer-thin slices necessary for a Dauphinois.

The potato gratin is a versatile feast that can seem so different just by the cut of the potato Wafer-thin to 1/2-inch thick slices, shreds, julienne and dice of varying thickness: all give different textured results. The versatility of a potato gratin knows no bounds and it can range from a simple dish cooked in water to the ultimate luxury of the Dauphinois which is cooked in butter and double cream. Quantities given for these recipes are approximate; it is a dish that brings out the greed in the most reticent eater. It also depends on whether the Dauphinois is to be served as an hors d'oeuvre with a salad as a 'light' meal or as an accompaniment to roast meat. It is very rich and filling.

For slicing cooked meat, cheese and home baked fresh bread, a home mandoline slicer has no equal. Designed for use at home these resemble deli slicers but are smaller and far lighter, taking up less room on the counter. You'd think only people with big families would bother with them but not so, you can save a lot of money cooking a large ham, slicing it and vacuum sealing portion sizes for sandwiches and rolls, you can do the same with cheese.

Summary The mandoline vegetable slicer is one of those kitchen appliances that can truly make your life easier. Make sure you read the reviews before you buy, so you can be assured you will get the slicer that meets your needs. There are a couple of slicers that have some good reviews, and these are the Cuisinart mandoline slicer, and the Zyl is mandoline slice, but most brands are made with high quality and durability.